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OYDEM is a language school founded in İzmir Turkey in 2002. As the founders of the school are graduated from METU it is considered to be one of the best English Course in Turkey.

It teaches English, German, Spanish, Russian and Turkish. If you want to learn Turkish you should contact us. 0090 232 463 43 51

Our proffesional English Teachers teach both English and Turkish at the same time. You can learn Turkish very easily in our school which is located in the west part of Turkey in İzmir. ( Near Kusadasi- Çeşme- Marmaris and Bodrum )

We have over 100 students who learn Turkish in our school. You can learn Turkish online from London, Berlin , Paris or from Amsterdam. We are anywhere we are everywhere :)

All our Turkish teachers can speak fluent English.

Türkçe Kursu - Learn Turkish - Yabancılar İçin Türkçe Kursu- turkish courses

Learn Turkish Online from anywhere you want.

You may be in London or in Amsterdam or in Berlin. if you want to learn Turkish from experienced Turkish language teachers, we will have online Turkish courses. The online lessons will be as effective as our standart classes in our school. One advantage is that you can record the lessons and study whenever you want. To join online classes you just need your laptop or smart phone and an internet connection. All our Turkish teachers can speak English.

How can you start our online classes?

Just call our language school learn the price make an appointment and just start as soon as possible.

If you want to pay with bank account send us an e mail, our consultant is going to send you a bank account so that you can make the payment accordingly. As soon as the payment completed you may start the lessons.

Here are some advantages of learning online Turkish.
Studying online gives you more flexibility.
Lower costs ( No transportation no ticket )
No parking problem.

Self-discipline and responsibility.

More focusing.

You save time.

You can do your own program.


If you want to understand basic expressions or if you want to improve your Turkish.

If you want to learn Turkish with our English speaking Turkish teachers, Just contact with us.You can visit our school and get the education here in İzmir Turkey or we can teach you whereever you are. No matter in which country or city you live in. Online Turkish courses. You can learn Turkish in İzmir or in Amsterdam. You can learn Turkish anywhere with our professional Turkish teachers.

OYDEM language school is located in İzmir Turkey and considered to be one of the best language schools around. Turkish course - Turkish courses in London Turkish courses in Berlin .

Cursus Turks - Türkischkurs . OYDEM is a very well Known English and Turkish course around.

Program Details: Our courses are organized according to the language levels defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and implemented with a communicative and learner-centered approach.

Our courses and certificates are structured as A1-A2 (Elementary level),

B1-B2 (Intermediate), and

C1-C1+ (Advanced).

Our teachers have made academic career and have specialized in this field. Our program consists of 6 courses starting from A1 level up to C1+.All of our teachers can speak English.

General Turkish

In our education we have reading, listening, speaking and writing parts which are applied equally. Our main target is make you speak as soon as possible. We use communicative approach method just to make you speak faster.

We have been teaching since 2001 and have lots of experience.

People who learnt General Turkish Language, can easily achieve to contact with native Turkish people in their daily lives.

General Turkish program concisists of some language levels A1 to C1.

Proficiency Test scores and Toefl test scores are very important for some students who want to study abroad. English proficiency tests are also given in our school.

Test takers take English language proficiency in OYDEM.

OYDEM is a foreign language school founded in Izmir in 2002. The founder and consultants graduated from one of the best universities (METU) gained their credentials from the Department of English Language Teaching. Thus, providing quality education is their utmost priority. They have offered English communication trainings aimed at teaching people to write and speak English fluently. OYDEM teaches English,German,Russian and Spanish. Online Turkish courses are alsa available in our school. Turkish courses and English courses are taught both in classrooms or online as you wish.

Basically, the training classes were composed of different levels depending on the student. OYDEM has offered 13 set of trainings for beginners and then they started from scratch. The trainings have to do with the grammar construction and English fluency. Once failed, you are guaranteed to undergo a free private one on one lessons and retake the things that you have missed. The training system comprised active listening, conversation clubs, cinema rooms watching movies and talking education. All these things have to be done in a most efficient and fun tactical ways to make sure that they can easily catch up and comprehend the English course conducted by highly professional and experienced staff.

Turkish courses - Türkçe Kursu - Türkçe kursu İzmir - Yabancılar için Turkçe kursu- Turkish for foreigners- Turkish lessons - Cursus Turks - Turkischkurs in Istanbul or in İzmir- TÖMER Türkçe Öğretim Merkezi

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