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If you are someone who does their job with love, if you want to have a peaceful and prestigious job and at the same time desire to earn a lot of money, you should meet us.

OYDEM LANGUAGE SCHOOLS Founding Director Ahmet KIBRISLI, METU English Language Teaching graduate, established the institution in 2001 with its systematic and corporate approach and made it the "highest tax payer" in its sector in Izmir. and has become one of the "most trusted language institutions"

OYDEM LANGUAGE SCHOOLS has progressed to become the most trusted and prestigious course in Izmir with its Alsancak and Karşıyaka branches and GLOBAL CAREER VOCATIONAL TRAINING courses. It has brought a different atmosphere to English education with its friendly and smiling staff, qualified teacher staff and modern course centers.

If you cooperate with us and become our dealer, you will be protected from the potential problems that a new business may encounter and you will immediately have the experience and knowledge we have gained in 18 years.


If you join the newly established franchising network of Izmir's leading brand in the English education market,

You will not only have a prestigious job, you will help people change their future and realize their dreams.
You will get the return on your investment as soon as possible.
With OYDEM DİL Schools' 20 years of knowledge and experience, you will have a strong start, one step ahead, not from scratch.
You will be a part of an elite family and a respected community consisting of a limited number of franchises.
You will receive continuous consultancy support throughout your investment.
Qualities Required in an Entrepreneur:

1- Being a METU graduate (Preferred)

2- Being an English teacher (Preferred)

3- Being an educator

4- Loving people

5- Being at work.

6- Having a commercial background.

7- Legal entity

Average Profit Margin 25-35%

Supports Provided to Entrepreneurs: Personnel Support, Training Support, Project Support, Marketing Support, Handbook, Location Selection, Territory Protection, Joint Advertisement

Why Entrepreneurs Should Prefer This Brand: The Most Trusted Language School and Experience

OYDEM Franchising Conditions;

1-Franchising Entry Fee
The entrance fee is determined according to the potential of the area of ​​interest.

2-Continuous payments
a) Marketing contribution fee: Franchise branches entering the system will pay 7% of the monthly turnover.
b) Royalty fee: A fee of 7% of the monthly turnover will be paid.

3-Educational material fees
Book, multimedia training access fee and other training material fees are charged by OYDEM and invoiced monthly.

Dealership Process

The stages of becoming an OYDEM franchise are as follows.
The first step to becoming an OYDEM member is the application form. In this step, candidates are expected to fill out the application form completely and send it. If you contact us, the application form will be sent to you.

2-Preliminary meeting and invitation
The franchising officer conducts preliminary interviews with the candidates and provides preliminary information about our franchising system. As a result of this interview, the candidate is asked to share the following information in writing before the face-to-face meeting.

3- Contract
After the business plan is approved, our franchise agreement is prepared and mutually signed, along with all the documents requested from our dealer candidate for the franchise agreement.

4-Architectural Project Design
Our team reviews the architectural project of the language school, approves it and construction begins.

5-Personnel recruitment/training
Close to completion of construction, our HR and operations team will recruit all personnel. He/she first completes the theoretical training and then the practical training and prepares the branch for opening.

6-Branch opening
Our Marketing, Administrative Affairs, Accounting, HR, IT and Operations team organizes the candidate opening after completing all the procedures and training that will make the branch suitable for opening.

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