OYDEM is a foreign language school founded in Izmir in 2002. The founder and consultants "MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY" (METU) gained their credentials from the Department of English Language Teaching. Thus, providing quality education is their utmost priority. They have offered English communication trainings aimed at teaching people to write and speak English fluently.

Basically, the training classes were composed of different levels depending on the student. OYDEM has offered 13 set of trainings for beginners and then they started from scratch. The trainings have to do with the grammar construction and English fluency. Once failed, you are guaranteed to undergo a free private one on one lessons and retake the things that you have missed. The training system comprised active listening, conversation clubs, cinema rooms watching movies and talking education. All these things have to be done in a most efficient and fun tactical ways to make sure that they can easily catch up and comprehend the English course conducted by highly professional and experienced staff.